We are the MITAVERSE designed and created by Goldframe Co., Ltd.
The MITAVERSE Project consists of 5,000 animated NFT limited editions,
in addition to unique randomly-generated 3D art toys.
We are also in the process of developing a P2E game based on the MITAVERSE.
1. What is the MITAVERSE?
The “Mitaverse” is the digital world Mita lives in. Originally a character belonging to an online game, Mita finds herself trapped in an unknown space due to a bug. Soon after, she realizes that a part of the game’s operating system was programmed into her. Mita uses this system to build her own world and create avatars. The avatars, called “UzU”, continuously evolve and create their own set of rules living together with Mita in their newly generated world.

2. Who is Mita?
Mita’s appearance resembles that of a game character. One day, Mita finds a strange-looking mirror. “I was certain that I created everything in this world and yet, I have never seen this mirror before...” Moreover, Mita’s reflection in the mirror looked like a real human being. Intrigued, Mita ends up touching the mirror, immediately being sucked in. When she comes to her senses again, she realizes the world within the mirror transformed into reality...

3.What are UzUs?
UzUs are small, cute, and unique monsters created by Mita. They are lifeless when they are first created but come to life when kissed on the cheek by Mita. When they come to life, they run around like children, but as they grow up, they develop their own social skills and become core social members of the Mitaverse. UzUs speak their own language. Interestingly, they lose their vitality and turn into plastic toys when they go out into reality, perhaps because they were made in the Mitaverse. At first, they all seem to get along, but as time goes by, UzUs start to divide into groups according to their appearances and characteristics. In this process, they fight or side with each other, and later on, they become capable of merging with each other and even create a whole new UzU without the help of Mita.
MITAVERSE NFT trailer Production.
Advertisement on NY Times Square NASDAQ billboard.
MITAVERSE trailer video release.
MITAVERSE web-novel production.
Storyline and fictional universe co-development with Gozknock Ent.
Partnership with YOUNGTOYS Inc. in CP production.
New York Times Square / Seoul IFC Mall billboard promotion.
UzU / Mita figure production partnership with YOUNGTOYS Inc.
Apparel co-production and brand ambassador contract with Votta.
Mitaverse's soundtrack partnership with Pop Music Entertainment.
Co-development of Mita’s virtual character for livestreaming with NP.
Development of Mitaverse's animated feature film.
Core Team Members
Our team members come from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences,
and expertise to ensure the success of the project.
Gold is a skilled business strategist and entrepreneur, having extensive knowledge in the animation and content industry. His past experiences include directing “SD BTS Tiny Tan” animation, supervising Disney’s “Sofia the First,” producing and directing Netflix’s “Larva Island.”
Mitaverse’s CFO Jordan is a tokenomist, gamer, crypto analyst, venture capitalist, and has been in the business investment scene for over 10 years. He has plenty of experience in attracting investments, discovering and funding companies with high potential, and planning business strategies. He is currently in charge of promoting and attracting investment for the Mitaverse project.
Joe is the director for the Mitaverse project. He was in charge of LG’s “Science Lollipop Phone 1.2” promotion campaign, filming of Hanwha’s “Galleria Luxury Hall” promotion AR, and also worked as the animation producer and director for “Rabbids Royale” and “Smart Park Online Campaign” at Samsung.
James worked for Illumination for about two years as the director of Johnny Express, a short animation with original perspective and ideas.After that, he directed famous animations such as Dow-Dow and Kakao Friends.He has more than 10 years of experience in animation and has joined the Mitaverse project.He is currently working with director Joe to plan the animated film of Mitaverse.
Technical Director
Han is the technical director for MITAVERSE. He is passionate about blockchain and new technologies, and was in cryptocurrency trading and Web3 development for more than 4 years. His past works include Maya’s rigging tool development, Netmarble’s “Raven” cinematic video rigging, Valofe “Mu Legend” cinematic video rigging. He is currently in charge of engine and live solutions for Mitaverse.

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