-MITAVERSE NFT trailer production.
-Advertisement on NY Times Square NASDAQ billboard.
-MITAVERSE trailer video release.
-MITAVERSE web-novel production.
-Storyline and fictional universe co-development with Gozknock Ent.
-Partnership with YOUNGTOYS Inc. in CP production.
-New York Times Square / Seoul IFC Mall billboard promotion.
-UzU / Mita figure production partnership with YOUNGTOYS Inc.
-Apparel co-production and brand ambassador contract with Votta.
-Mitaverse's soundtrack partnership with Pop Music Entertainment.
-Co-development of Mita’s virtual character for livestreaming with NP.
-Development of Mitaverse's animated feature film.
-Exclusive artist contract with agency for Mita’s virtual character.
-Technology agreement with global cryptocurrency / blockchain company.
-Launching of 5,000 MITAVERSE UzUs’ NFTs.
-Exhibition of UzUs’ life-size figures and holograms.
-Production of subsequent collections.
-Contract of Mita as model and brand ambassador for luxury and street brands.
-Collaborations with other NFT projects.
-Release of Mita's single and music video.
-MITAVERSE Webtoon Production.
-Club party event for MITAVERSE holders.
-Purchase of MITAVERSE land in Sandbox or decentraland.
-Launching of UzU blind art toys.
-Launching of MITA Coin.
-MITAVERSE second Trailer Video Release.
-Upgraded UzU NFTs second collection release and for sale.
-Airdrop of 1 UzU NFT from subsequent collection to those holding at least 2 UzU NFTs from the first collection.
-Launching of MitaCoin in global coin exchange platform.
-Launching of MITAVERSE Web Novel.
-Partnership with global company for a NFT project.
-Global distribution contract for Mitaverse's animated movie.
-Mita's official album release.
-MITAVERSE P2E game beta-testing and gameplay video release.
-Launching of Mitaverse's online store selling CPs and collaborations..
-Launching of MITAVERSE Webtoon.
-Production of Music Video featuring famous idol group.
-Official release of Mitaverse's animated feature video in theaters worldwide.
-NFT holders will get benefits such as free movie tickets or VIP premiere.
-Global launching of MITAVERSE P2E Game.
-Game’s animated cinematic video release.
Animation X art toy UzU X P2E game
mitaverse project
5,000 randomly unique NFT

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